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Numerus Group which displays activities in Electronic System Solutions and IT, provides services in main headings such as; Foreign Trade (Distributorship / Representations), Sales & Marketing, System Integration, Electronic Product Manufacturing, Software and Technical Services.

Numerus Group is composed of 4 companies that are providing vertically specialized services in various fields and its headquarters is located in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. These companies are; NUMERUS which is fursnishing services in IT, system integration, electronic systems and web solutions; BEGDILI which holds the distributorships related to display and presentation systems; DORU which generates interactive educational softwares; NUMERUS SYSTEM which realizes the system support and installation services of the group companies.

Numrus Grup



Begdili Elektronik Cihazlar Ltd. Sti. which is the foreign trade and representative company of the Numerus Group, has followed a path that is focused on display, presentation and security systems, and consequently started to rustle as an exclusive distributor around 20 global leader electronics manufacturer since 2001.


As well as being the distributor of Infocus Corporation (Projection Devices), Begdili also handles the distributorship of the significant brands in Turkey such as; Barco (Video Wall Systems& LCD Displays); Polyvision (Interactive White Boards), MOBOTIX (IP Camera Systems); Wolfvision (Visualisers); Aethra (Video Conferencing Systems);  Avermedia (Document Cameras); Projection Design (Projection Devices); Projecta (Projection Screens); Dinon ((Projection Screens);  Clearone (Tele-Conferencing Devices) ; Eurodisplay (LED Screens); (Projection Devices)


Doru which creates educational and simulation softwares to educational institutions that are specialized in various fields; is the youngest company of Numerus Group and displays its activities in Hacettepe University Technopark.

Doru which aims to improve quality in education by means of advanced design and IT, has developed a different perspective in production of computer assisted education contents that have high interactivity and visuality. This new perspective has lead Doru to create Visne which is the most comprehensive educational software brand.

Visne is an aducational software which teachers can benefit effectively while reciting.Visne is adequate to syllabus and it creates interactive solutions from class 6 to 12.


NUMERUS SYSTEM which commits to provide system support, technical services, installation and technical business development of the group companies, is planning to rustle outside of the group companies by providing value added maintenance, technical support and installation services.

Numerus Grup
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